San Diego is much more than just a major city in southern California, say longtime business owners who have relocated to this coastal city adjacent to thedowntown-san-diego-s border with Mexico because “sales are booming.” In fact, the San Diego Chamber of Commerce credits this city of nearly 1.5 million as creating more jobs than any other city of its size in America. San Diego’s massive job growth is linked to a thriving economy that is based on international trade, technology research and manufacturing and lots of tourism industry opportunities.

San Diego business growth called “outstanding”

There is a recent Pew Research Center study that points to San Diego has had the highest percentage of median income jobs in the nation; while Forbes states that it is the “best city in the country” to launch a startup or other small business venture. While the San Diego economy is also influenced by its famed deep-water seaport, there is also steady business growth in the defense contractor industry with this southern California community hosting major corporations such as General Atomics, NASSCO, and Cubic. At the same time, San Diego is home to “the largest naval fleet in the world.”

The great appeal of San Diego for business includes:

— A city that never sleeps in terms of being fully wired to host and support any type of small or large business.

— A massive local force of highly-trained workers, including those skilled in information technology and other Big Data specialties.

— A relevant chamber of commerce that is driven to make any and all types of business work here in this high-tech business community.

In general, there are many good reasons why business owners and investors choose San Diego as one of the best places in America to do business.

Investors call San Diego home for deals

San Diego is credited with having one of the best international networks of investors that keep this city humming with plenty of new homes and other buildings under construction in 2018; while the University of San Diego School of Business reports how contractors are “lining up to hire workers.” This business boom in this busy city is also linked to a business-friendly infrastructure that includes plenty of reads to go office space, massive business parks and a local tax rate that is friendly to investors.

Overall, there has never been a better time to conduct business in friendly San Diego.

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